Brigada Distributions, Inc. (BDI) is one of the Brigada conglomerate’s major lifeblood, primarily
because of the nature of its business in marketing and distribution of health and wellness
products and pharmaceuticals.

BDI has in its disposal more than twenty (20) products and brands that are bannered by
Drivemax Adult Herbal Dietary Capsule, Power Cells Herbal Capsule, Guard C Calcium
Ascorbate plus Zinc, Nutricleanse Herbal Capsule, Maxan Capsule and Coffee, Hardbull Men’s
Supplement, End Stunting Brands, and more.

Brigada Distributions Inc


To provide value-based products that are vital for socio-economic transformation of every Filipino family.

To Promote a corporate culture and values inspired by the advancement of competence and teamwork to all our employees.

To consistenly foster mutual trust, harmony, and collaboration among our customers and collaborators.

Brigada Distribtions Inc.


To become the leading distribution company in the Philippines by 2025, through the synergies of extensive research and innovation, competent workforce, and excellent facilities in delivering quality products to Filipino families and embracing the significance of being a social enterprise.